DT3 background processing?

I use my Synology Drive to store my DT3 databases, and access & sync them on my various devices using WebDAV. I also use Synology’s Drive app (kind of like Dropbox) for data that I don’t store in DT3. With DT3 open and running in the background, I frequently receive notifications that some manifest has been deleted/updated, and when I look at the path to the document, it’s somewhere in my DT store. I don’t see anything being logged, nor do I see any activity/syncing in DT3. I’m curious what’s going on in the background. Is this standard DT3 maintenance?

Yes, DEVONthink’s sync engine does garbage collection and tidies up after itself.

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Hey Jim!

Thanks for your answer! Is there anyway to know when and what it’s doing? What kind of “garbage” collecting is it doing?