DT3 beta 1 issue and feedback

In DT3 beta 1 on macOS 10.14.4, there are several files that always duplicate themselves everytime when I pressed “Update Indexes Items”. Those formats included Web archives, Formatted note, PDF+text, Excel format and Rich text document. It seems that it only happens on the file inside an indexed external directories.

I tried to index one of those file in another database, it seems normal and no duplication was happened when I pressed “Update Indexes Items”.

Besides, It would be much better if the web server support preview on more document types, likes Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Thanks for the nice update and new feature in DT3~

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After a further testing, it might be related to the file name. Here is the steps to reproduce the issue,

  1. Create a new directory in macOS and create a simple text file with the filename “剖析两个忽悠人的经济学指标” in this new directory. (This file name is in Simplified Chinese. Same issue happens on the filename in Tranditional Chinese too.)
  2. Index this directory on DT3.
  3. Click the “Update Indexes Items”, the file will start duplicate in the DT3 database but will not in the actual macOS directory.

I can help to do more test on this if needed.

I can confirm that I see the same issue for my indexed folder. The list of files with filename that contains traditional Chinese characters, regardless of file type, are duplicated in the group but not in the actual folder in MacOS Finder. This behaviour is consistent.

e.g. “RP.034a 2015年社会服务发展统计公报-中华人民共和国民政部.pdf”, “RP.018 W.003 Hu JinTao on Harmonious scoiety 中國共產黨歷次全國代表大會數據庫.webarchive”, “RP.034c 2007年社会服务发展统计公报-中华人民共和国民政部.doc”

The next beta will fix this.

Thanks for your reply.

Besides, will there be any plan to support more document types in preview in the DT3 webserver? such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint format.

There are no such plans yet.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

will there be any plan to support more document types in preview in the DT3 webserver? such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint format.

Bear in mind, you are limited by browsers’ capabilities.

Hello, in DT3 beta 1 “import bookmarks from firefox” is not working for me, neither “Capture content from firefox” in the new sorter.
However, the extension in firefox works fine.


Welcome @RzK

“import bookmarks from firefox”

This is a Firefox issue. It doesn’t nicely share its data without a workaround. There is a setting that will export Bookmarks to an HTML file when Firefox quits.

  1. In Firefox, type about:config in the address bar.
  2. Click the button to “accept the risk”.
  3. Search for Bookmark
  4. Double-click the line that reads Browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML. The value should be set to True.
  5. Quit and Firefox.
  6. Attempt the import of Bookmarks into DEVONthink.

Thanks, importing bookmarks from Firefox now works.

You’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile: