DT3 Beta 7: PDFs located in indexed folder (Endone X8) don't show up in search

I use Endnote X8 as a reference manager, but I would still like to have all my article PDFs indexed in DT. This works, but searching for the PDFs doesn’t return any results:

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Welcome @miljko

It’s unclear from the screen capture when you have selected. Is that PDF group a subgroup of the endnote group?

In the Tools > Info > Generic inspector, is Exclude from: Search checked?

Yes, and yes. I unchecked it and now the PDFs appear in search results. Thanks, @BLUEFROG!

Are indexed folders excluded from search by default? I don’t remember checking this, and the search worked fine in DT2.

You’re welcome.
No, they’re not by default but this is something that could have happened in the transition. Hard to say without more conclusive information.

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