DT3 beta - Not able to import or archive Apple Mail

I checked to see if the Mail plug-in is installed. It appears to be, but I don’t have an option to import or archive emails from Apple Mail. I’ve allowed the plug-in in Apple Mail. Any suggestions on what I’m missing here? Thanks

This is covered in the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Archiving Email.

Just curious: is it possible to test Pro features like Mail Import with the beta, if you have a non-Pro license? (I have the preference to “show features of higher editions” checked, but I do not see the Mail option in the Import sidebar.)

Tha same thing happens to me. I can’t install the Apple Mail as it’s said to be already installed and the import Apple mail command does not show.
I didn’t see any answer for this in Help > Documentation > In & Out & Archiving Email


There’s no more command to import emails in File > Import, just use View > Sidebar > Import instead.