DT3 Bug: edits are lost when Sync happens

Hi Team,
ah, this problem drives me crazy - saw this in DT2 as well - or with DT2Go, not sure.

  • select a file
  • use annotate box, insert backlink link and then select open to open that annotation in a separate window
  • start typing - boom, text gets lost suddenly, sooner or later your last types are gone

While this happens I can see some status upates in the lower left hand buttom line of my main window telling something like “updating xyz”.

btw, the issue also happens when just entering text in the annotation box - no separate window needed

So, I currently have disabled automatic sync in DT3, too, to ensure uninterrupted typing.

update: I remember now: I had a ticket with DT2 because editing a table cell fails (edits are lost) as soon as a sync occurs and the status window pops up.

Beta 2 will fix this conflict of the inspector and the window (basically there are two editors of the annotation visible but the wrong one saved)

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