DT3 Bug: Go to next/previous document loses editor focus


I don’t think this one has been reported yet.

(MacOS 10.14.4).

If the focus is anywhere but in the list view (ie it’s in the Preview, or any of the Inspector pane input fields), focus is lost when you select Go to Next/Previous Document, even if the document is unlocked.

To replicate:

  1. List view, document selected, cursor in the Preview pane. All documents unlocked.
  2. Invoke the Go > Next or Previous Document commands.

Expected behaviour: the new document is shown in the Preview pane, which retains the focus, so the cursor is available for editing.

Actual behaviour: the new document is shown, but the Preview pane has lost the focus – and it doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere else (ie it hasn’t been returned to the List View).

This happens irrespective of whether it’s in Standard or Widescreen configuration.

I’ve tried it with both Markdown and RTF files and get the same behaviour. PDFs obviously don’t lose the cursor, but they fail to respond to space (page down) so I presume the same thing is happening.


Thanks, beta 2 will fix this.

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Thanks! Much appreciated…