DT3: Bug: Group drops Tags after drag&drop

easy to reproduce, at least for me here :slight_smile: , I’ve a brand new installation, no DBs, only global inbox:

  1. create a new group - leave it as it is
  2. add one or more Tags by entering them in the right hand side info section - dont do anything else, keyboard focus has to remain at Tags section
  3. drag & drop a file from Finder - from Finder! - into that new Group
    4 boom - your Tags are gone

didn’t test if this also happens with Sub Folders…seems caused by UI / keyboard input “interrupted” by that drag & drop action. Reminds me to my DT2 issue with Tables while entering text into cells and a Sync occurs - that little popup window did something strange while typing (highlighted whole text and the next keyboard input overwrites the whole cell content)

Kind Regards, Klaus

No, DEVONthink 3 just doesn’t like “Leberkas” :slight_smile: Thanks for the bug report, beta 2 should fix this.

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