DT3 clipping to pdf clutter-free result in white page

When I try clip this page as pdf (because HTML had problem with images) and choose clutter-free option result is blank page

When I don’t tick clutter-free the resulting pdf is as expected.
This specific site is not a problem for me but maybe it could be beneficial to developer to look to this case and improve how content is saved into DT.

One thing that worries me is that in case of other pages I will need to check everytime I will save them if the content is actually there.

Why are you using the clutter-free option with this page?

In this case it was the setting that I used before for another page;
As I wrote, the non-clutter-free page is really ok, but what worry me it that un-clutering resulting in removing all content from the page

Probably the Dev team has something else to do now than improving content stripping algorithm, but I wanted to signalise the possible problem, feel free to ignore the issue for now

The report is appreciated and development is aware of the specific issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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