DT3 concordance

I understand that after clicking a word in Concordance the word is then highlighted in the pdf. But to highlight the next instance of the word I must then click on the word then use the Go menu’s Previous Instance and Next Instance commands to find the previous or next same word. (Seems rather convoluted; is there an easier way?)

Would it be possible to have a user customisation for the Go menu Previous and Next instance commands? I use the same command (alt+cmd+forward arrow) as Next Instance to operate sorter. I realise I could change my sorter command but it has become habitual.

Alternatively, after identifying the word using Concordance, would be just as effective to use the search to find all instances of that word. Or does search search all pdfs, not just the one. And if all then how could I isolate the one pdf so as to limit the search?

There are also icons in the navigation bar to go the next/previous highlight.

The toolbar search uses the specified scope (by default all databases) but the Search inspector searches only in the current document.

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Thank you.
I can see the toolbar next/previous icons in DT2PO but not DT3.
Where are they?
I attach screenshot

Also screenshot of my existing toolbar.

In the navigation bar right above the preview/document pane, not in the toolbar.

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Ah yes, thank you. (should’ve read your first reply more carefully!)