DT3 convert to markdown

I really like the feature of converting any note to markdown, but at least in the DT3 beta1 isn’t working correctly, IMHO. I don’t know if this feature has a different behavior in beta2 since de markdown clipping on that beta isn’t working I haven’t updated.

It feels like you just strip the text from formatting and change the extension of the file and that is…

It would be great to have proper conversion tool to markdown, that take fully account for formatting, links, etc. Perhaps something related to pandoc or similar?

Thanks a lot for your great work!

It’s indeed a simple conversion so far, especially intended for plain texts with the wrong extension but containing Markdown to convert them to Markdown documents.

Oh! OK them!

Something a little bit more complete would be greatly appreciated. Now, either I user pandoc, or I use Typora copypasting from a formatted note or similar.