DT3 Crashing in Preferences

I seem to have a bug where DT3 crashes consistently if I go to the settings menu.

Steps to recreate:
Open DT3
Go to preferences
Files menu is selected
Click on any other item
DT3 closes
Message: DEVONthink 3 quit unexpectedly (reopen etc.)

This is happening across 3 instances of DT3 on different Macs:
MacBook Pro M1
MacBook Pro Intel i9
MacBook Studio M1

Steps taken:
I removing and reinstalling DT3 which initially seemed to fix the problem although now the issue has returned consistently across all systems.

Any suggestions?

Welcome @ajgxyz

Thanks for the report!
This will be addressed in the next maintenance release. I can’t say exactly when it will be released but I can say it will be soon.

PS; This has alread been reported on the forums. Please make sure to check out the latest posts and use the search function.