DT3 creates a separate empty Desktop. bug?

I usually work in a two-desktop format, and I’ve noticed recently that Devonthink, or at least the sorter, somehow creates its own separate, third, desktop that is completely blank (no visible desktop icons) except for the sorter tab and a drop-down menu. I’m having trouble replicating this, but I think it happens when Devonthink 3 is given full screen and the main window then closed. Expected behavior would be for DT to remain on whatever desktop it was opened in.

Edit1: This behavior now persists after quitting all user apps and restarting OSX. On launching Devonthink 3, the normal database window(s) will open, but immediately the Sorter will also create an empty desktop (no desktop icons) and switch focus to that one.

Edit2: Using the window menu, I “closed” the empty desktop window, and now everything seems fine after restart.

If you can consistently reproduce this behavior, please provide step-by-step instructions as well as what version of DEVONthink and operating system you’re using.