DT3 creates Databases folder on launch

DT3 creates an empty Databases folder in my home directory every time it’s launched. I don’t keep my databases in that folder, and I don’t want DT3 creating it.

Is there a way to prevent this behavior?

Welcome @js2
No, this can’t be prevented at this time. The directory is provided as a convenience to users, and is advocated as a safe location for databases on a local machine.

Development would have to assess making this optional for some users, but no promises, of course.

Imagine the home directory clutter if every application did this. It’s particularly egregious since it’s a generic name. macOS already provides ~/Library and a variety of subdirectories under it for application specific folders.

In any case, I would suggest the folder not be created until a database needs to be created, and only if there are no existing databases (if there are existing databases, presumably the user has already chosen a preferred location).


Last point to add: I gather you’re trying to lessen the support headache that occurs if folks have their Documents folder synced with iCloud and then attempt to create their DT DB in that folder. I don’t think this is the best approach though.

Bah, the app even checks for that explicitly it appears: “Databases can’t be located in cloud folders.”

Version 3.0.1 will improve this.