DT3 Doesn't Sort My Files From DT2

I opened a database I’m working with in DT3. The system I was using with the database was to keep the docs in the inbox and then use tags and smart folders to sort them the way I wanted. This works well in DT2 but in DT3 all I got was a list of tags with no files.

If I understand the answer to previous comments correctly, the ability to use tags this way is gone in DT3. If that is correct, I will not be able to use DT3 with my existing databases. I don’t mind building new databases with the new system. But I’ve been using DT2 since the early 00s. It’s too much work and time to rebuild my existing databases to fit the new system. I will just continue to use DT2. I will delete DT3 from my system to avoid complications.

My questions: Do I understand this correctly? Is there a way to grandfather existing databases into the new system? If not, could I have a refund for DT3?

It’s unclear what you’re referring to. A screen capture would be helpful.

Never mind. I figured it out on my own. Apologies for the trouble.

how did you solve it?