[DT3] Dragging Smart Groups

In DT2 I could move Smart Groups into a database and into folders. I hope this feature will not be removed from DT3 as it still supports such smart groups created in DT2.

You can still create smart groups in databases, see e.g. Data > New menu (but neither version 2 nor 3 support moving of global smart groups into databases)

Okay, that’s true I always moved smart groups from a database to the global groups before, what is possible in both versions.

The problem in DT3 is, that I now can open a database structure inside the sidebar. There I tried to create a smart group inside a folder. That does not work as expected. So that’s the reason why I want to move the global smart group into a folder. I never needed that before. :wink:

You can create the smart group e.g. via the main view’s contextual menu.

I know that but the new feature let me think it’s also possible there. :wink:

There’s already an item for global smart groups in the sidebar’s contextual menu, two almost identical menu items for both cases or a menu item that sometimes creates local, sometimes global smart groups would IMHO only cause confusion.

I understand that you won’t confuse the users. But I also was confused about the context menu that is not contextual :wink:

Maybe when clicking on a folder the menu could be extended like this: