DT3 <> DTG sync mess // files lost

Hi everyone,

since the last update of either DTG or (what I suspect) DT3 (I am running 3.0.2.) there is no sync possible anymore which, to be honest, scares me a lot.
Today I scanned a couple of documents (Scanner Pro on my iPhone, shared them to DTG and synced that.
They never arrived on my MacBook.
I get some crazy errors on my MacBook:
NSCocoaServer Domain 256
after resetting the sync options on my Mac it says the path already exists.

Could someone please help?
I think this is the worst thing that can happen to a software like this? Losing files is a serious issue, right?

Thanks and kind regards,

Unfortunately I’ve just had a couple of databases messed up because of some sort of sync error involving iCloud, DTTG and DT3. This might be a problem with iOS 13, which still seems to be beta software at present. I’m still on MacOs 10.14. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a database trashed before in something like ten years of using DT. I was not happy with DT3 before, and I am even less happy now. It is possible it is the fault of the OS, but my confidence and patience are fast disappearing.

so true, unfortunately.
It is always sad to see a product evolving backwards, at least at certain aspects.

I got things sorted so far, I deleted the complete synchronization from my iCloud settings and set this up again. Does it work now? Yes. Am I confident it will work for longer? Not really.

I would not have switched to DT3 if the OCR would still work in DT2 on Catalina.

According to the screenshots the synchronization doesn’t work but this shouldn’t affect your databases or remove files, the databases are only out-of-sync. Anyway, we’re trying to work around the iCloud issues, different sync locations (e.g. Dropbox) are highly recommended in the meantime.

a few files were lost as I use the iPhone as a scanner as mentioned above.
Thanks for taking a look and thanks for working on this.
However I am not quite willing to use a different sync location that I would have to pay for instead of using something that use to work earlier.

Is there a chance to get my money back for DT3? For me personally nothing changed for the better with the new version…

If it’s any help, I use Dropbox for sync and it’s working fine for me with DT3 3.0.2 and DTG 2.7.5.

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Only if you purchased/upgraded recently, in that case please contact sales - at - devon-technologies.com.

Hi Amalis,
it is help and I thank you for your answer.
my databases are small enough to use the free version of dropbox as a sync store.
I am right now trying it :slight_smile: