DT3-DTTG Scrivener sync

I plan to try (DTP2 + DTTG3) :

  • moving the project’s non-text files to a DT database
  • indexing Scrivener’s Sync with External Folder to the DT database
  • plan A: downsized Scrivener project stored in the DT database, (plan b: easier AirDrop)


  • Scrivener package reduced (probably from GBs to MBs), transfer stabilized and sped up
  • DT becomes the project’s united storage
    • DT sync keeps mac copy on the iPad, too—no leaving home without it
    • global search in DT—no need to search twice (DT & Scrivener) to find all references, because their indexed via the external folder

Potential Cons:

  • losing connections/context between non-text documents and related notes. Hopefully, DT item links, search features, and iOS’s 2 app Split Screen mode will mitigate this. Maybe on iOS the benefits for comparison will actually offset this
  • I’m iffy on non-draft text/notes export. It trades Scrivener features such as for DT features, but maybe external folder sync will address some of that. Pity there aren’t backlinks to open in Scrivener.
  • I frequently use Scrivener’s split pane mode to compare one text section with another. I don’t know if DTTG in iOS split screen with the indexed sync’d external folder will help or complicate that.


  • is sync automatic via iOS? —if so, what happens if Scrivener is open? can I AppleScript and/or iOS Shortcut to tell Scrivener to quit and DevonThink to sync?
    What if DTTG is not in the foreground on iOS or the iPad is off?
  • How do I tell if sync is finished?

If anyone happens to know of any adjustments or issues to be aware of, thanks.

DT2 experience: 5-10 years ago, read Take Control, Handbook, my RAM too limited then.
DTTG2 experience: lost a file in sync (user error?), Notebooks app enough at the time, collecting dust on iPad
DT3, DTTG3 experience: prefer it to v.2, partial read of Take Control, & Handbooks, especially sync, reviewed many videos and articles, and still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface. The sum of that trial suggests at least sync and index might enhance my data/document management and help keep portable the active files/notes from my trying-to-stay-paperless office,
Scrivener experience: macOS 20+ years, iOS since release.
How I got here: pointed to DT as a WiFi alternative by folks at Scrivener forums, because of issues with local file transfer of a 2-3 GBs . If cloud servers were what I sought, I wouldn’t be here.
Why no Dropbox, cloud/3rd party servers: that explanation would be too long to be helpful. After all, DEVONtech seems to understand at least some of the pros to local storage and sync.
Why unified storage: experience before Scrivener: scattered data over apps, folders, physical files, etc. has many downsides. Until needing to work sometimes away from the computer, Scrivener has been very good for a ~2.6GB. project.

DT Handbooks don’t address sync of Scrivener-type packages, and Scrivener guides don’t elaborate on WiFi transfer of projects. This isn’t a criticism of any developers. These are almost an accidental features, incidental benefits of the design. I’m stretching the software beyond its target because there’s no software known to me that provides my core feature set.