DT3: export or print file + (inspector) annotations. How to do this?

I’m starting to use PDFs as my main import file format in DT3 (instead of Web Archive, a format that may become problematic in the future). I’m also thinking that instead of annotating the pdf file itself (other than highlighting) I will use the Inspector > Annotations feature.

My first questions: Is there a way to export/print the file and the annotations automatically (as in attached to each other)? If not, is it possible to include this feature in a future update? I’m thinking for instance: export file with annotations.

Also, as a second idea (which might be easier to implement than the above one, and will also speed up the workflows): I know that we can export the annotation file once we selected it in the Annotations folder. However, if we could also export Annotations via the inspector, would be great. I’m sending a sketch, to better understand my idea:


Maybe there is a way to do this already, but I cannot find it.

Thanks for the suggestion, noted. The only possibility right now is to open or reveal the annotation first and then to use File > Export > …

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Exporting the files where and why?

I’m an academic and often share my collected data (e.g. blog post imported to DT3 database, that I highlight and annotate) with colleagues and students. Many do not use a Mac so PDF is the most universal non-changeable format.

So where would you export to - an indexed location?

I’d export outside DT3 (pdf and inspector annotation) and then would share with people.

V3.0.1 will support this.

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Hi there. Here you are speaking of the annotation file in the “Annotations & Reminders” inspectors pane of a given document.

Sorry. Fired off early by mistake. What about the annotations in the “Document” inspectors pane… Is there any way to export these? This would be particularly useful for annotations made to pdfs.

These annotations can only be copied via the contextual menu. In case of highlights Tools > Summarize Highlights might be an option.