DT3 Feature Request: Better tag auto-completion

It’s a minor thing I’ve noticed. Compare the tag auto-completion of DT3 with that of the standard tagging via e.g. the Finder. If the tag paper already exists and I’m typing Paper, the tag is recognized as belonging to paper thus avoiding unwanted duplicates. As for DT, I have several variants of tags either capitalized in the beginning or not. This regularly requires me to manually reassign tags and delete the duplicates – until I’ve gathered another set of falsely tagged documents.

Having this (perhaps just optionally if it’s not a common concern) would be neat!

Tags are not always case preserving. A familiar example is apple versus Apple. Same word, two very different contexts.

In DEVONthink 3’s File > Database Properties, you can enable Case Insensitive Tagging to preserve the case the Tag was originally created in.


Aah! Excellent, thank you.