DT3 Feature request - "passive" indexing (similar to DT2)

For the most part, I really appreciate the new 2-way Finder folder indexing mechanism - it mostly makes life a lot simpler.

However, there are some limited occasions when it would be useful to me to be able to sync changes only from Finder to DT3 and not the other way (as DT2 worked). I don’t see a way of choosing that in DT3, so I wonder whether it’s feasible to offer it as an option in a future update (I have no sense of the complexities involved).

For info, my use case is that my current client uses MS OneDrive as the project document repository and I’m syncing that to the desktop and indexing the sync folder in DT3. OneDrive seems to get confused by the DT index/sync process and decides to generate a second (third, fourth and so on ad infinitum) copy of the file I’ve opened. Confusing to me and to the poor souls with whom files are shared on OnDrive.

I realise this is likely to be an issue with OneDrive, not DT, but I have more confidence in responsiveness and support from you than I do any such from Microsoft, bless them.

Thanks for considering (even if the answer’s “no chance”)

What’s the path of the OneDrive folder? And does a certain action or DEVONthink’s sync cause the duplicates?

The path was ~/Documents//OneDrive/

~/Documents was using Documents in iCloud

Now experimenting with ~// to work around some issues with iCloud Drive in the 10.15 beta (but this issue occurred under Mojave too).

Using a folder outside of ~/Documents or disabling iCloud synchronization of ~/Documents might be a good idea, it’s hard to tell whether these two cloud syncs play well together (e.g. DEVONthink doesn’t update the files/folders of cloud folders while synchronizing databases as most cloud clients, e.g. Dropbox, don’t like this and cause duplicates).

Thanks - I’m experimenting with that at the moment. My key goal is to be sure that the files/content are accessible to DTTG

As long as you didn’t disable the synchronization of indexed contents of the sync location, the indexed documents should be available in DEVONthink To Go. Neither iCloud nor OneDrive are necessary.

My key goal is to be sure that the files/content are accessible to DTTG

To follow up on Criss’ comment… DEVONthink To Go cannot access the data in OneDrive or iCloud (or Dropbox, etc.), except if you added individual Bookmarks from them (if supported). It doesn’t support indexed files and can only access its own data.

Thanks for clarifying - but now I’m more confused :cry:

I’m inferring that you mean that the content has to be got over to the iDevice by some non-DTTG method for DTTG to be able to see/act on it (that DTTG does not itself sync indexed content across devices). Is that correct?

That was why I was using Documents in iCloud. Per @cgrunenberg, I’ve now moved that OneDrive folders out of ~/Documents and switched to Onedrive’s native sync (IOS app), and DTTG can see/act on content OK as far as I can see so far, touch wood, fingers crossed, so far so good etc.

Does that fit what you were saying (note - not recommending, simply obersving)?

Thanks again

No. DEVONthink To Go synchronizes indexed items too but of course they’re only available inside the application and database as there’s no filesystem on iOS like on macOS. Therefore the usage of synchronized iCloud/OneDrive folders is probably not necessary.

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Oh. Thanks. That means I’ve been misunderstanding this for some time. And it will work for my use case if DT indexing is 2-way, but not one-way (if I make a change in an item DTTG, the change will eventually work its way back to the Finder file on the Mac).

Thanks once more

Yes, changes are synchronized in both directions but I would recommend to use indexed items outside of cloud folders.

OK, good. Thanks