DT3 Final — First Impressions


It was worth the wait, and the time invested in giving feedback on this forum. What a pleasant surprise it was to see addressed in the final release so many little issues that I and others have been reporting here. Amazing support, as always.

All this is extremely useful:

  • Show inboxes only in sidebar
  • Simplified the status in the Information bar
  • Added tooltips to items in the Path bar.
  • Clearing the search field of the Search inspector now removes the search hit highlights

So thanks a lot for that.

A couple of minor issues remain, or the fixes haven’t been fixing them:

  • Improved compatibility of popovers Go > To Group — Doesn’t really solve the issue with Keyboard Maestro, at least on my end. Now instead of just appearing and not responding to the “Enter” keystroke, the dialog box appears for a fraction of a second and doesn’t stay visible. I’ve tried adding a 2-second “Pause” after the command but it doesn’t help.
  • Added tooltips to items in the Path bar — Tooltips are not updated properly when moving the cursor from one item in a hierarchy to the previous (or next) one, only when moving the mouse completely out of the way of the tooltip itself. It’s easier to see than explain, try moving the mouse up a hierarchy when you have something 4-5 folders deep.

There are just small details. No big deal.

And a question:

  • Added hidden preference DisableUnifiedTags to disable showing the Tags group in the Globals section — How are hidden preferences modified?

Thanks again very much for your responsiveness and great work.

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In sum, DT is my most used, best flexibility, and best value program I have ever purchased. Most importantly, DT listens.
Can’t wait to see the next version of DTTG, and perhaps DT agent.


Added hidden preference DisableUnifiedTags to disable showing the Tags group in the Globals section — How are hidden preferences modified?

See the built-in Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences.

Sending an “Enter” keystroke should actually close the popover, just like pressing Enter on your own in the popover.

I know… Problem is, like I wrote, the dialog doesn’t stay there for the keystroke to get to it, it disappears almost instantly (when activated via KM, not when used within DT of course). EDIT: It’s more complicated than that, the interaction between KM & DT is more erratic now, let me get to the bottom of this and I’ll update here or post a new thread. Thanks.

I’m sorry @BLUEFROG, I remember you mentioned you were very proud of the new help files… I should’ve looked there! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

No worries. :slight_smile:

It’s worse than that, it has become the single reason I have to shop around for a used 2015 MacBook Air with a proper keyboard instead of getting a new Dell XPS like a normal person. :slight_smile:


Forget “normal”. This all is waaaay more fun :wink:

I agree :slight_smile:

I am sorry to report that the feature I’ve noted above (“Clearing the search field of the Search inspector now removes the search hit highlights”) seems to only work with HTML, RTF, Markdown & Text files (granted, that’s a lot…) but not with PDF+Text. Also, if you do a search (in the main search bar), click a result, clear the search field in the Inspector (so as to remove the highlight), and then click another item (in the main search results), there is no way to remove the highlight since the search field in the Inspector is now empty (clicking the X doesn’t help).

I confirmed the highlight isn’t removed from a PDF when you clear the Search inspector.

However, with all docs in a search, the matched terms will highlight in the view/edit pane since they’re matching from the search field - regardless of the Search inspector’s contents.

Indeed. But then in order to clear the search term you then have to Command+R (Reveal) and then clear the search field at the top. A bit awkward, no?

Actually, if you press Command-Option-F then Esc, it clears the search field.

It clears the search field but doesn’t remove the highlight. And — unless I’m missing something — if you do that it’s even worse, because since now both search fields are empty, the only way to keep your document focused and clear the highlighted hits is to do Command+R, click the item right above it in the list and then get back to your document. Even more than a bit awkard… :slight_smile:

Are you still referring to a PDF?

No, just tried it with two markdown files.

  • Enter a search term.
  • In the search results, click a markdown file. The search term is highlighted.
  • Click X in the Search Pane on the right. The highlight disappears.
  • Click another markdown file in the search results. The search term is highlighted.
  • Click the X in the Search Bar at the top (or do C+O+F then Esc, result in the same).
  • The search results disappear. You’re back in the item list. The term is still highlighted in the document viewer with no visible way to get rid of it (short of navigating to another document).

Thanks for the bug report, 3.0.1 will fix this.

Thanks as always, @cgrunenberg and @BLUEFROG.

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Although there are still a few issues here and there that people are mentioning, I’m a very long time user and all I can say is

“Great job!” You are very impressive developers and crew, which is awesomely fortunate since I depend so much on your product.