DT3 - Folders are shown as tags

Hi there everyone,

so, I just migrated my old database so to say to DT3 and it just finished syncing. Since all my files are in there, the folders look like they areall consisting of tags. It just seems a bit weird, not sure if it’s supposed to be like that.

Also, how do I get rid of that high number next to my database? Might be a personal think, but it’s annoying me. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

File > Database Properties > Exclude groups from tagging is probably disabled. And it’s the number of unread items.

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Right, first thing worked. I remember that I had to uncheck this because of similar folder names, but might be wrong about it. Thaks!

Now, how do I get rid of that number? It came up after migration all my files, and I don’t have the intention to read them all right now. :slight_smile:

Reading them is the only possibility.

I just counted them, over all my databases, I have 4294 files to read. That’ll be fun. Is there at least one way to do it quickly, like having a big “unread items” list somewhere to just click through for the next week in every spare moment? I have already found that Reading List-Glasses-Thingy, but there is no item in there…

You can use the Mark – As Read context menu function to rapidly mark entire Groups as read. I would start with that!

Or create a smart group with the condition “Marked… as… Unread”

Where can I found this one? By using the help function, I couldn‘t find it.

Thanks, that is a pretty good idea as well!

See e.g. Data > Mark > As Read

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By the way, the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Contextual Menu Items lists menu items for various scenarios. The Item Listing subsection shows the Mark command.

I’m working newly with DT3 now. Was wondering if it is possible to disable the “autmoatically mark as read” function? I would like to always manuelly mark as unread. Is that possible?

No. But e.g. a smart rule could automatically apply another attribute (e.g. a flag or label) to unread items and you could remove this on your own.

You could also add an item to the Reading List sidebar or Favorites in the Navigate sidebar, if you want to read it again later. Actually there are several options for marking and returning to an item, including tagging, labeling, smart groups, etc.

ok, thanks a lot. I will have a look at it…