DT3 for Teams for real time editing docs + .md

  1. I saw the Webversion von DT3 but nowhere it says anything about the features or restrictions of this version against the MacDT3. So what will I miss and what won’t work in this edition.
  2. I guess the Data lies on a synologyNAS and the external users connect over vpn and see the Webversion.
  3. Seems a bit expensive if it is not a full version of DT3 !
  4. can we edit .md and docx files real time?
  5. what is the point of having this in days of coulds?

There’s a feature comparison on the website under editions.

I doubt the NAS part (and why would that have to be a Synology, anyway?). Whether you connect via VPN to a Webservice is usually outside of the scope of this service.

As opposed to what – batch editing? And I don’t think that DT (any edition) offers editing of Word documents. I’d do that in Word.

I have a hunch that DT in the days of “coulds” might have been discussed before here. Those threads cloud perhaps answer your question.

I Saw that link DEVONtechnologies | DEVONthink Editions
But it does not say anything of all features… only the topics. But if I understand that right, it can do everything like the whole DT3.

@NAS Synology. well I thought of putting the database on the gas. but would that work. I dont want to connect my laptop this would not be a good idea. so I need it working form a NAS without a MAC. would that work?

@editiing files real time, like notes or outlines would be enough. word docs is not needed.
md. would be fine but realtime , so 2 persons can work on it same time

This is discouraged (and there was a thread on why about two days ago).

Connect your laptop to what and why wouldn’t that be a good idea?

You don’t seem to mean “real time”, but rather “simultaneously from two different locations”. If that’s the case, I have no idea if that is possible.

  1. Server is the highest edition of DEVONthink, having all the features of Pro and also the server component.
  2. The database is not hosted on any separate machine. It’s broadcasted on a network from the machine running DEVONthink Server.
  3. As noted above, it’s the highest edition. You’re not buying just a web interface. And it’s meant for business, academia, and group collaboration use cases. However, if you’re pockets are deep enough, it can be used alone as well.
  4. Markdown can be edited. Other formats, e.g., .docx cannot be edited in the web interface or DEVONthink. That needs to be done in the bespoke application.
  5. For one, your databases aren’t (and can’t be) stored in the cloud.

Hey Bullfrog, THANK YOU for your answer!

So I get this right: I need not only a NAS where is store the database, I need I Mac running connected to the NAS.

If I use it only for 2 people is there another way to get this going. The other person is windows user ;-(

If I would run it on my laptop, how deeply would this effect my laptop performance .

I use DT more than a decade, but now its time to learn it more deeply and get it running better for me. not only storage.

In my opinion: no. You store your database on the server machine and access it from the others (and possibly the server, too)

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You do not need an NAS for using the Server edition. Also, I would not put the databases on an NAS unless you are on a hardwired gigabit Ethernet connection or better. As @chrillek noted, the database is ideally on the Mac running DEVONthink server.

If I use it only for 2 people is there another way to get this going. The other person is windows user ;-(

And is this person on your local network?

If I would run it on my laptop, how deeply would this effect my laptop performance .

There should be no appreciable difference in performance, provided your laptop can already efficiently run DEVONthink Pro.

No the other person is somewhere over the internet on windows

It is possible to set up port-forwarding to broadcast over the Internet. There is a generic set of steps in the Help.