DT3 gets Server Error 500 where Safari does not

Sometimes it happens that DT3 gets a server error 500 when loading a bookmark/HTML page/Webarchive.

Example: Any product page on ricardo.ch (e.g. https://www.ricardo.ch/de/a/apple-macbook-(retina-12zoll-anf-2015)-1191895890/)

There is no problem with other WebKit apps like Safari and no problem with other browsers (e.g. firefox).

And there is no problem with DTTG.

Any ideas?

JFTR: This page throws a bunch of content security policy violations in Firefox. Which does not explain a 500, probably. But still…

It could be an incompatibility with the version of WebKit we’re using. And no, dropping in a replacement framework is not something quickly done and could have bad ramifications for some of the functionality in DEVONthink.

Maybe it’s not even a problem with error 500. I noticed that DT starts loading the page. Then, right after loading the page, the content is replaced by this error message, obviously by Javascript (if I interpret the source code of the page correctly).
Anyway, I was just wondering why DT has an issue while Safari has not, and both are using WebKit. If it is as @BLUEFROG says, and different versions of WebKit are used, this might explain this behaviour.
In this case, DTTG seems to use a different version of WebKit as DT3 does, too.