[DT3] Go→ To Group ⌃⌘G 👏

I was about to start moaning about not being able to find the ‘Group’ window when instead I found this.

It’s fantastic. It’s making my data easier to understand. It’s bring up whole areas of research I’d forgotten about. Thanks for this! This feature alone is worth the upgrade!

(and if I can request one extra bit of functionality - if I could drag-and-drop groups/tags from this window onto the Tag panel [exposed by ⌃⌥⌘T] I would be over the moon - but you gave an inch, and now I’m asking for a mile :wink:

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Thanks for feedback! It’s also possible to detach this popover - just in case that you want to have it open all the time.

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Thank you, I did not realise that as well. You guys have been busy!

The current ctrl-cmd-G window only allows jumping to ordinary groups but not the database-level smart groups. However, those smart groups can be seen in the window and jumped if double-clicked. Just wondering if database level smart groups can be opened in the same way by ctrl-cmd-G in the future updates.

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