DT3 hangs during sync with sync store if timeout occured (webdav, local sync store..)

if sync process started and during sync a network or server problem occured, the task hangs (probably after an internal timeout) at all.

I think a watchdog would help to solve the problem.

By the way: It would be very helpful if, in case of problems with the synchronization, a message would be sent to a user-stored e-mail address.
So one searches in vain on the iPad + iPhones and other synced desktops new files to determine then once again the synchronization did not work out.
That’s annoying, especially when you’re on the road.

Sync attempts to reconnect several times, then waits and tries to reconnect again… automatically.

That would be nice, but that does not work here and has never worked.

No further information except the last sync operation, which is orten more than 2-3 days back (although DT3 always ran) and the wheel spins endlessly.
Also no helpful information in the log (except connect problem).

May be you gave a hint how to debug this process ?

What exactly does hang and what kind of sync location do you use?

because of missing debug possibilities:

  1. sync is not performed
  2. in “options / sync” and the wheel spins endlesslyy
  3. storage locations are local storage + WebDAV
    both storage locations are located on a separate server in the LAN.
  4. all desktop’s are connected via LAN + WLAN
    iPads + iPhones only via Wi-Fi and only with WebDAV

What kind of server actually and where’s the local sync store located?

univention server incl. samba-shares