DT3: How to change item list font


I just upgraded from DT2 to DT3 and I cannot find the option to change the font for the item list.
In DT2 I changed the font to a monospace font type but in DT3 I only found an option to increase the font size, but not the font itself.

Please tell me, that I just missed that option??

I’m also missing the “thin line” between the columns in the item list.

Both options were a critical feature for handicapped and/or older people with reduced eyesight.


Currently there is no option to change the list font in DT3 :pensive:.

@Bernardo_V is correct on this. Changing the font in the UI can lead to unexpected visual artifcacts, but Development would have to assess this and the line separating columns.

Thanks for your reply. How can I get in touch with the developers and let them know about this feature request?

You just did (though I am not a developer of DEVONthink specifically). We all interact on the forums, so it will be seen and noted. No promises, of course, but it has been noted. Cheers!