[DT3] How to trigger a Smart Rule on auto-import from Apple Mail?

How do I trigger a Smart Rule when a document is auto-imported by the Add attachments to DEVONthink script which was installed for Apple Mail?

On Import doesn’t work, and neither does On Creation, On Moving, or any of the other event triggers that seem plausible.

(I thought it worked with On Import yesterday, but I may have been mistaken.)

Edit: I can kind of work around this by choosing On Synchronisation, since I have auto-sync enabled.

Scripts don’t trigger smart rules (as smart rules can use scripts too and as the result of scripts should be predictable).

Thanks @cgrunenberg! (And my apologies for bugging you guys with so many questions and issues in a row…)

It’s not a problem as that’s what the Forums are for. All we ask of everyone is to have a little more patience than usual (implying people should already be patient :stuck_out_tongue: ).

And yeah, it’s cool, fun, and exciting stuff to discuss!