DT3 Importing email limitation :-D

Take a look to the captures. I’m going to activate this copy of DT3 as I did with the MacBook Pro one. :smiley:

Question. Now imported emails went to global inbox… I have a database exclusively dedicated to the email… In DT2 I selected that DB and then import it… How can I match the same way to do it? At least, I want/need the imported emails in that DB.

You need to choose the Destination. This is covered in the built-in Help (also part of the beta test) in the Documentation > Windows > Sidebar: Email chapter.

Thnx. I did “indexed” the documentation as you showed in other messages, but didn’t thought in look inside for this (and I search and look for other things).

BTW, it is impressive how well organized is UI and the features version 3 has. Really impressed. I’m almost 3 days studying and experimenting with the program and as I use more time with it, it likes me more and more.

PS: Good way to say “RTFM” :-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS: Good way to say “RTFM” :-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s actually meant to remind people the documentation is there and always has been. Our Help has always been a good resource but most people have ignored it.