DT3: Incoming scans not OCR'd, using ExactScan with iX500

Saw this mentioned in forum but all I found applied to Fujitsu software; I’m using ExactScan.

Incoming Scans are not being OCRed; preference set to Searchable PDF. ExactScan saves the file to the global inbox, where it appears, but it is not OCRed.

OCR via the Data>OCR>To Searchable PDF menu item works fine, including following Preference to move original to trash.

I have rebooted, changed settings in DT3 Prefs to No Action, restarted DT3, changed back to Searchable PDF, same results.

DT3 B6, ExactScan Pro 19.8, Fujitsu iX500.

Strange. It works for me with ExactScan Pro and Devonthink 3.
In Exactscan I have unchecked “Create Searchable Documents” and of course in Devonthink I have checked “Convert incoming documents to Searchable PDF”.

Also instead of automatically importing to Global Inbox I get a prompt window to choose which group I want to import it into. I am using also a Fujitsu iX500.

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Is that an ExactScan popup or DT3? I have ExactScan set to “Edit Each Filename” but that popup (in addition to the filename) gives me a Finder choice of destinations, not DT3 groups. What are you doing to get the latter? I have DT Import pref to selet group but doesn’t seem to apply to incoming scans.

It’s a setting in Devonthink/Preferences/Import/Destination. You can then choose either to import to Global InBox or Select Group. I chose Select Group.
It seems Select Group might not be working for you if you have selected it as you say.

Is that under the “Import” tab in prefs? I have that set also. What do you have under Folder Name in the ExactScan “Filing” tab?

EDIT: Meant Folder name not file name

File name is “Scan-Seq# (001)” in ExactScan which I think is default. Above that in Folder name is a directory I chose to save a copy on my Hard Disk.

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OK, that helps, as I’m using the DT inbox in ~/Library etc. How is the file getting to DT3, and what app provides the popup choice of group?

Devonthink itself will provide the pop up choice to select group.

Okay maybe you don’t have Devonthink 3 selected in ExactScan.
Under the Filing tab in ExactScan choose Open With: and then select the Devonthink 3 app.
That’s why Devonthink isn’t Processing it. Saving your copy in DT Inbox on your file system is probably not enough to trigger the OCR.

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Bingo! Thanks much for your help. Strange that simply saving it to the inbox wouldn’t trigger the OCR. I chose to save the file to the global inbox and it was properly OCR’d there. Hmm…

Nice. ExactScan is ideal for allowing me to use my old Fujitsu.

Agree, and I’m not fond of the single computer license restriction on Home, so I jumped ship.
Thanks again.

I chose to save the file to the global inbox and it was properly OCR’d there.

You should NOT save directly to the Global Inbox from the external application and expect OCR to initiate. From the release notes of beta 5:

The link to the Global Inbox in the Finder’s sidebar is not the Global Inbox itself. It is a temporary container, accessible to other apps. When you put a file in it, DEVONthink detects the file and moves it into its proper location in the database. (This is why the folder is always empty when you select it in the Finder sidebar.) Since the file has moved, it can’t have an OCR process done on it.

As @orytek suggested, sending output to DEVONthink 3 is the appropriate option. Any Save location should be at the default location suggested by the scanning application.


This is the same as in DTPO2, correct?

Thanks, Jim; this is the part I didn’t understand. Now I see that using the scanner “output to DT3”, the file is moved from Finder when DT3 saves the OCR’d result. Appreciate the additional info, and motivation to go back and read all the release notes (I started using DT3 with B6).

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You’re welcome, and yes, it’s the same in 2.x but we’re more explicit about the behavior and warnings in 3.

and motivation to go back and read all the release notes (I started using DT3 with B6).

Excellent! And please take some time with the documentation, in general. A ton of hard work went into restructuring, revising, and writing it (and yes, it’s my part of our Development :slight_smile: ). It’s full of good info. Cheers!

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