DT3, indexed Files and new File from DTTG


I am using DT3 in combination with DTTG and some databases based on indexed files. Everything works pretty fine and I am really impressed by the tight file system integraton.

File system integration and auto refresh is a key feature for me, but I ran into one problem: If I create a new file under DTTG, it is correctly synced into the index DB in DT3. But the new file is not synced into the file system.

All changes in the files and even newly created files in DT3 are written to the file system except newly created files from DTTG. They remain indexed-only. Of course, I can manually move them there, but I find this quite irritating.

From my point of view, this feels like an inconsistency in the concept. Will this behaviour be changed or do I have to look for a script to fix this for me?

Thanks in advance

DEVONthink To Go doesn’t create indexed items (yet), a future release will probably make this consistent. And the synchronization doesn’t perform any actions on its own, it just applies the changes received from other devices.

Thanks Christian for the info. Is there a way (intelligent group oder script) to locate or even auto-write those new files to the file system?

I found similar questions solved with a script, but I am not sure if they address the same problem.

A smart rule could indeed handle this. In the “Search In” popup select the enclosing indexed group, then add the conditions “Kind is Any Document” and “Item is not Indexed” and finally the action “Execute Script… External… Move to external folder”. This rule could be performed manually, hourly or on sync.

In the last case it’s actually performed right before synchronizing, meaning that just received files will be handled by the next sync.

Thanks again! This works perfectly and, which is also great: I learned something new about DT!