DT3 Indexing - Confused

The Database Verify and Repair shows I have 14 missing files. These files now show up in duplicates smart folder and clicking on "duplicate: shows they are a missing file so I know pretty much what the missing files are.

I have spent some time with Pathfinder and DT3 (for some indexed folders/files) together experimenting with various combinations of renaming files and moving them and everything works instantly and fast and my verify Database continues to report 14 missing files - so Have not been able to create more missing files.

I now assume/guess that the missing files were probably generated because I changed names and moved files in Pathfinder when DT3 was not open to immediately react to the change. Does this make sense?

The path of missing files is shown when you select the missing item.
Did you rename the indexed parent folder?

Frankly not sure what I did. I did a rebuild at one stage might that have created problem? The duplicates thing is quite good because then I can work through the missing files and download & sort these out as appropriate.

Some general comments fwiw.

  • I know there is the index icon but I thought it would be useful to have indexed folders files more obviously identified as indexed?

  • Maybe when an index file is moved to a non indexed file - you should get a reminder; do you want this file in database?

I would support both of these suggestions. It will make managing indexed folders easier for people to understand and manage.

I’ve just run a simple test (response to another thread) in which I moved a folder from an indexed group to an internal database group. The file moved in DT but not In the Finder. The indexed group is now no longer synced with the Finder folder. That may be planned behaviour, but it’s a little confusing.

Incidentally, moving the item back into the indexed Finder folder gets everything back to normal