DT3 isn't importing encrypted emails

In DT email inbox import, I’m trying to import a folder where the emails are encrypted using the Apple Mail Supported PGP plug-in.

In DT, I’ve said to import secure email.

However, it all seems for naught as I get these messages during the import that, unless I can work around it, makes the email import useless for me.


Same problem here. As far as I know the reason is that DEVONthink doesn’t support the encryption

No, there is no workaround for it. Development would have to assess this to see if it’s feasible to support in the future.

Just terrific. :weary:

I was able to find a partial workaround using Enigmail in Thunderbird, but Devonthink 3.0.3 crashes EVERY TIME when I try to import the unix mailbox.

To what email address should I send the crash log?

Encrypted Email Checkmate:

  1. Thunderbird has bug that prevents me from using it in latest release, but it has the best encrypted email support.

  2. Apple mail (paid) PGP plug-in does not search (or export) encrypted emails (seriously?).

  3. Devonthink has zero integration for importing encrypted emails (working with GPG keychain, and related).

I’ll be glad to send the crash logs, but come on guys…

The UNIX mailbox crash should be addressed in the next maintenance release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Yikes … even using the latest version, 3.0.4, DT3 IS STILL CRASHING during the mailbox import AND the latest version is not importing the entire mailbox. Several searches come up empty (searching either “all” or “content” and using an exact sentence from a known email.

Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x000070000f48fff8

I will email you the latest crash log…

Sorry to say this, but that was the same response you gave in 2015.

Whether people like it or not encryption is becoming more and more important and I’m increasingly using encrypted email. I have stored 10 years of email in DT some 90K emails. I’m now having to rethink this solution as encrypted email is no longer a luxury, but a necessity and DT does not support encrypted email.

It would be helpful if DT came off the fence and made a decision one way or the other rather than the “perhaps” response. After 6 years, your development dept should have been able to look at the feasibility of enabling importing encrypted email. That would at least allow users to work out what solutions they can look to for backing up their encrypted email.

Encrypted emails are actually supported (e.g. the ones of Apple Mail, see Sign or encrypt emails in Mail on Mac - Apple Support) but PGP isn’t.

So are you talking about s/mime?

Yes, that’s supported.