DT3 Keyboard Shortcut on control-P

Just start using DT3 public beta. Now, I found that Control-P mapped to View->Inspector->Property.

I love to have a shortcut for Property tab, but while I’m editing text, I’d like to use the key as ‘up’ as Emacs does, and as other MacOS apps do.

My understanding is, I can’t unbind the shortcut, thus there is no way to resurrect behavior.
Is there any way to remove the binding?

It’s hardcoded to my brain for 35+ years, so it is very hard to unbind from my head :<
Please kindly help.


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I agree – Control - P/N/A/E/D/K are standard MacOS shortcuts and they should never ever be overwritten by any other program!

Fortunately, I’ve tested it and you can overwrite the Properties shortcut using the standard Keyboard Shortcuts feature in System Preferences. (I remapped it to cmd-opt-ctl-p).


Ah, right. Thanks. I will try that.