DT3 Language Metadada

Hello DevonTech,

Thank you for the wonderful update to DT3. It is a joy to use.

My question is regarding metadata for files. There is an option to sort and view the columns by language. I work with files in multiple languages, and would like to be able to set this field. However, I see no way to adjust it. I have looked in the help documentation, to no avail.

How can I adjust this field?


Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! This is the automatically recognized language and can’t be changed. Is the displayed language wrong?

However, you could also use custom metadata to define languages on your own (see Preferences > Data).

Thanks for the reply!

If it is automatically recognized, there may be a problem. I have 1370 documents in my databases, only 10% of them show a language, the majority are blank (markdown, Microsoft Word, excel, web archive, etc.).

I only use two languages, Vietnamese & English, so I am not sure why it is showing other languages…

Thanks for the tip to use custom metadata :grinning:


The detection is actually performed by macOS. Did you import all documents using version 3? Could you send some examples to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks in advance!