Dt3 looks GREAT. a few ideas

DT3 is phenomenal. SO much stuff I’m glad to see. Thank you. I have a few ideas for you guys.

  1. I have a ton of documents which seems to be the case for so many people here. I know that there are literally thousands that are not duplicates but are 97-99% close. (for example, documents from lexis where the only difference is the time the document was retrieved.) The script version of “find similar” takes forever and has never been intuitive to me unless you go one document at a time. I think it would be AWESOME to be able to look for similar documents easily in bulk. There aren’t even apps for this as far as I know. If its not impossible, I think it’d be a value add.

OR you could have the option to mark docs as duplicates manually and then execute accordingly. i.e. turn the duplicates into replicants, etc.

  1. I loved how on DT2 I could change the font of the interface. That doesn’t seem to be an option anymore. If I’m wrong, let me know.

  2. Metadata like “set” but that allows more than one selection. So, right now I have a category for metadata that is the titles of each chapter of my book. But sometimes a story might fit in more than one chapter. I’d love to be able to select multiple. I know this sounds like a job for tags, but I literally use tags for everything else, and because they are alphabetized, i can’t see off the bat what broad categories the story could fit in to.

Again, kudos!

Thanks for the nice feedback!

No, only the font size can be changed now but it’s also used by search results and icon views.

Wouldn’t multiple booleans be an option?

yeah, but there are 20 chapters. and i don’t want 20 columns! i just want one column, and 75% of documents will only include one identifier, while a few will include 2 or 3.

Sounds like a job for Tags instead :slight_smile:

sorry, i mentioned above why tags don’t work for this - i use them for everything else, including date of the original document (i use a lot of news articles whose dates don’t correspond w/ created/added/modified b/c i downloaded them far later than they were published). and because tags are alphabetically listed, i often can’t see the category off the bat anyway, unless my tag column takes up the whole screen :slight_smile:

what i want is to be able to look at a column, and see which chapters the document fits into.

Since the chapters must relate to a specific book, why not create a parent tag for the book? That way you’d get a chapter tag and it’s book?

sorry, the chapter tag is for what chapter of MY book the information correlates to. I’m writing a book, and documents fall into usually 1 but often anywhere from 2-5 of the chapters. so i’d like one column where i can very clearly see what chapters that document is included in.

that way i could also have a smart group for each chapter. so that’s why i’d want to be able to pick two set options “chapter 2” and “chapter 3” instead of having one set option for “chapter 2 and chapter 3” because then i couldn’t easily filter for just chapter 2.