DT3 menubar extension

First, thanks for this carefully thought-out update.

Suggestion: I’ve got a fair number of menubar extensions, so usually the DEVONthink menu is occluded by the active application menu. Here’s a shot of my screen:

Can the menubar extension name were replaced by a single width symbol?

yes you can change it in the DT3 settings>sorter to a symbol

Thanks, @vinschger! This is so much better.

I’m embarrassed to reveal: I didn’t realize this menubar item was the Sorter.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You can also hold the Command key and drag menubar items to reorder or even remove them.


I’m now pruning and moving to make more room for the Sorter. :scissors:

I “vote” or suggest that the menubar should default to a single symbol. Menubar real estate is very precious, especially on laptop screens. Pretty greedy to take 10 spots when most take a single spot. :grinning:

Welcome @mmoran

It’s not a matter of “greed”. It’s a matter of clarity. Especially as the Sorter has never been a menubar item, the initial use of the full word can help distinguish its location for users.

It’s obviously preferential after that point.