DT3 Minimum Window Size

After being a heavy user of DT2 for seven years, I like DT3 very much and have bought it already. Thanks for all the work and intelligence you have put in it.

Now a little suggestion: Working most time on Macbook Pro 13inch in DT2, I uses two equal sized vertical windows side by side on the screen to drag and drop items from one window to the other.

In DT3 the minimum window width is bigger, so you cannot fit two windows side by side without hiding a part on 13inch screen. I think if you adjust this in the next beta versions, it could be of use for many users.

Thank You and greetings, Leopold

Welcome @Leopold
Have you tried using the windows in macOS’ split screen?

Thank you Jim. I have tried it now and it is working really fine. With a smaller minimum window size this should work on the desktop too. Perhaps you can change this in future versions.

Greetings Leo

No problem. And yeah, I also work on two 13" MacBooks that don’t have a ton of native screen space. Cheers! :slight_smile:

DT3 is looking great. I downed b4 this morning. One deal breaker is this, one of my clients has many users with 30-inch displays. All of these users are setup with multiple spaces. One space is called the CAT space - Contacts, Activities, and Time. This space displays Mail, Contacts, BusyCal, and DEVONthink. The inability to make the window smaller makes this setup unusable. I’ve experimented with rearranging the layout and resizing windows, but all combinations yield an unusable configuration. Window overlap is unacceptable. The horizontal minimum works fine and fits well. The vertical minimum is too tall. Can you reduce the vertical minimum to 500 px at non retina resolution? DT has been in use here for around 10 years. Folks are going flip out if the setup they’ve used for a decade all of a sudden changes. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks. These folks just want to focus on getting their work done, not pulling their hair out with frustrations. The few new young guys, still adaptable and flexible, are going to love dark mode. Thanks.

500 pixels? That’s really small but we’ll change this.

You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

Sure you can.
I’m living proof of it.
So was our beloved late colleague, Bill DeVille.

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Thanks so much. Beta 1 had a fully resizable window, but beta 3 and 4 do not. Thanks again for fixing it.

I just downloaded beta 5 and the vertical window minimum is still too tall. There is no way my client will upgrade unless this can be changed. Here is a screen shot of the required size:

Hopefully the vertical minimum can be changed.


While we can reduce this even more, personally I think that it makes using the sidebar or inspectors much more cumbersome. And…

…if such a minor detail would be already a problem, wouldn’t get used to the new user interface be a much larger problem? Just wondering.

Actually, it’s completely the opposite. They’ll all be fine and completely welcome the interface changes. It’s all about screen real-estate and placement. The window size issue will affect 3 other apps and the whole layout of their screens will be affected - this is what will cause huge headaches and copious frustration, and will kill the very idea of upgrading.

Why can’t the other apps be minimized to a small degree instead?

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I agree with you 100%, and with other clients that would be a no brained, no problem adjustment. This client is a whole other animal and will have a meltdown. Not every individual, but the owner and managers will freak out. I’ve already discussed it with a few of them. One guy practically had a seizure. I’m not kidding. They are so much work, but they pay sooooo well and it’s been a 15 year relationship. I’d like to keep them moving forward technically. This one request would allow that to happen. Otherwise, as god is my witness, they’ll keeping using the current version till it stops functioning. I know from years of experience how these guys think and work.

See what you can do. I appreciate even the consideration of the change.


OMG… I’ll reduce the minimum height although I still think that it’s the wrong approach.

Thanks so much. I’ll keep an eye out for the change.

Just downed b6. Beautiful. Thanks so much. The windows size is perfect now. Really appreciate the change. Thanks again.