DT3 moving groups between databases

Hi Everyone, I have DT3 installed on one iMac (no syncing required) my databases are on my home drive, so far so good. I have recently came across a problem, however. I open 3 separate databases and try to move a folder from database a to database b, using to move to command in the menu. It looks like something is working , I get the spinning beach ball and a progress bar. When finished the folder I was moving is no longer in its source database, however it is also not in the target database. I have plenty of backups so losing data is not a problem, however, how can I safely achieve this task? Thanking you

This should definitely be possible that way. Are you able to successfully verify both the source & destination databases before moving?

Hi thanks for reply, yes both source and destination databases are good

Did you drag & drop the folder in the sidebar, move it via the contextual menu or drop it onto the view? And which view do you use (e.g. list or icon view)?

just right clicked the folder i wanted to move and selected the 'move to ’ command and navigated to the destination database and clicked that database. It appears to work however, the folder never appears in the destination and is removed from the source

And where exactly does it not appear? In the sidebar or in the view? Or both?