DT3 OCR question

the new DT 3 OCR Engine does not seem to support the same compression algorythms then the full abby finereader version. In the info of the documentes i saw version 11 vs. 12.
Are there plans to update this before release?
I found the same OCRed Doc 900 KB vs. 540 KB.
On the other hand i cannot have the full options e.g. to archive emails without the internal OCR.
I would love to have the same capablities and currently i bought the full abby finereader version due to this. But it is of course not integrated that well.

In the most optimal scenario i would have a similar size and quality and can scan with the right settings either directly from DT or have full capablities but just no build in OCR but ablitiy to integrate external full versions.

What do you think about this? I think i had a previous improvement or feature request similar to this.

Note the consumer version of the OCR engine and the version that is licensed to developers do not necessarily have feature parity.

We are currently using v11 licensed. This may be upped to v12 but I can’t say if this would be before the GM release of DEVONthink 3 or after. It is not a simple matter to move from one framework to another.