DT3 password behavior has changed?


Has the behavior of passwords for databases in DT3 changed?

In DT2, I would be prompted for passwords for each of my open databases when I started the app.

This is no longer the case in DT3, even though each database shows a user/pass entered in Database Properties.

It’s really nice to have that extra layer of security, even if someone could still get to files via the Finder.



This has been revised, see File > Database Properties, as this was only sufficient to lock out your family or colleagues not familiar with DEVONthink. In case of sensitive material encrypted database (see File > New Encrypted Database…) are now recommended.

And from the built-in Help > Documentation > Windows > Database Properties

Thanks. Is there an easy way to make a current database an encrypted database? What’s the best method?

Checking back in on this. Is there an easy way to convert an existing database?

See A question about encrypted databases

I am confused about this feature. When I try synching an “encrypted database” to another machine, the database appears to be unencrypted. That is, on the new machine, it appears to be a normal database (.dtBase2 instead of .dtSparse). Is this correct?
If so, should I just avoid synching an encrypted database if I want to keep it private?


Welcome @JPab

Thanks for the report! I have confirmed that importing an encrypted database is yielding a .dtBase2 file. Development will have to investigate this.

Also, remember DEVONthink 3 is in beta testing, meant for testing, finding and reporting bugs. It should not be used in mission-critical or production environments.

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Database encryption is a local option as sync stores use their own (optional) encryption. A database can be imported into an encrypted sparse image using e.g. the contextual menu.