DT3: PDF page tools don't work ... except

I’ve been trying to delete pages from a PDF as described in the manual but the following items are greyed out (both in the menu and toolbar) with every PDF I’ve tried:

  • Insert Blank Page
  • Delete Selected Page
  • Reverse Page Order

Update: I’ve figured out that they only work when the Content > Thumbnails Inspector is displayed. That limitation should probably be in the docs.

That’s intentional as it’s not obvious which page is the current one otherwise (e.g. depending on the display mode several pages might be at least partially visible). But…

…in this case the thumbnails aren’t really necessary, beta 2 will fix this.

Makes sense.

Again, it would be better if it were in the Help - I started looking at PDF metadata, trying to move pages in Preview etc. thinking it was a problem with my files before I stumbled upon the thumbnail inspector.