DT3: Potential glitch in parent>child tag re-assignment by drag and drop?

Let’s say I have a 2-level tag structure with names: Database>tagParent>tagChild

Tag re-assignment by using the inspector bar:
(1) I assign “tagParent” to an item within an ordinary group, the item will appear under the tag group “tagParent” (correct). (2) I assign “tagChild” to the same item sometime later. Observing the tag groups under the view pane, I can see that the item (a replicant) will disappear from “tagParent” and is being moved to “tagChild”. DT3 is correct in this tag re-assignment process.

Tag re-assignment by using drag and drop in view pane (View as Column setting):
After (1), instead of using the inspector bar, I drag and drop the item from “tagParent” to “tagChild”. Observing the tag groups under the view pane, I am now seeing two replicants of the same item, one appears under “tagParent” and another under “tagChild”.

I believe that the default drag-and-drop is to “move” an item (replicant or not) from source to destination, BUT in the case of tag groups, it seems that drag-and-drop has created a new replicant instead?

EDIT: Further test shows that this behaviour only happens when an item is drag-and-drop Down to lower level tag. No replicant is created if I drag-and-drop the item Up to higher level tag, DT3 will correctly interpret that the item should remain in the lower level.

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Thanks for the feedback! After changing tags via the Info inspector, Tags bar etc., the tags of an item are completely reassigned. But in case of drag-n-drop onto tags the item is only replicated/tagged to/with the tag.

Thanks for the info.
However, it seems more natural/consistent to maintain “move” as being the default action for drag-and-drop items among tag groups? At least that’s how I re-assign items when I have increasing number of tags…

If the action is by design, then may I ask whether I can hold some key (ctrl or alt or cmd) while drag-and-drop among tag groups to “move” the item’s replicant?

In case of tags the default action is indeed replicate as usually you want to assign a tag, not move the item into the tag. An upcoming release will probably support toggling by pressing the Cmd modifier key.

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Thank you very much.