DT3 Pro: Importing E-Mail from Apple Mail to DT 3


I want to import specific mails from Apple Mail to Devonthink 3 Pro, every once in a while. I usually do this via drag´n´drop.

However, I happened to notice that this only works if the mail is in one of the inboxes of my various e-mail-adresses. When I want to import a message which was sent by me (and therefore resides in one of the “sent e-mails” folders), this does not work,

My workaround is to move the sent e-mail into my inbox, import it from there, and then move it back to the “sent e-mails”. This seems silly to me. Is there a reason why it is structured that way? Or is there another way of handling this?

Otherwise, I would like to request the feature to import e-mails from an given folder from Apple Mail.

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Did you try using the menu entry in Mail “E-Mail/Add to DEVONthink 3”?


Have you tried using DEVONthink’s View > Import sidebar?

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Thank you, that helps! It worked for E-Mails from the “sent”-folder, that’s what I was looking for!

Thank you, I never used that option, I will try it.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Will this feature ever be coming to DTTG?

Interacting with Apple Mail in their mobile operating system is not some simple matter. There isn’t even the option to share emails from within their application.

May I ask a question which is related to that topic?
When I use the sidebar “Plugin/Mail” i see all my different folders of my account in a alphabetic sorted way. Is it possible, to have the structure which I have in Mail, too?

Thanks, Reinhold

As I noted in the Deutsch thread, did you read the In & Out > Archiving Email, Windows > Sidebar: Email, and Preferences > Email of the built-in Help or manual.

After updating to MacOS Sonoma 14.0:

The Apple Mail-Plugin seems to be gone.

Import with drag-and-drop or the import pane works, but some of the imported mails (invoices from Apple for iCloud for example) loose the layout and are a pain to read in Devonthink.

I had this issue before, the Mail-Plugin solved this in the past.

Any ideas about this?

Yes. Read this.


Thanks suavito!

Guess my issue with it (the layout after import) is more related to Apple Mail than Devonthink. I think so because I even can’t “print” the e-mail within Apple Mail to a PDF: the header is there, but the actual mail is plain white. I will check Apple Mail support for further progress in this matter.

I had this in Ventura too. Funnily enough it happened all the time with receipts from Apple and I was forced to print them from my iPad.