DT3 Pro Noob - Preferences -> Email pane missing?

G’day all -

I’m just getting my feet wet with DT3 Pro v3.8 at home. One thing that I’m working on is attempting to archive my Mac Mail. The info I see here, and elsewhere, mentions the DT3 → Preferences → Mail pane… I can’t find it. What should I check to see what is missing? All Add-Ons have been installed.

Thanks // Ian

You might want to check out the DT manual on page 57 and 97.

There’s screenshot on the upper left corner of page 57 for example. Underneath the word ‘device’ in the titlebar you’ll see four icons. One of them is used to archive email, other settings can be found on the right (as described on page 97)

Buggah! Thanks @Solar-Glare ! I missed seeing the ‘twisty’ to the right of Emails in the Import view as it blended in rather well in dark mode.


You’re welcome