DT3 Pro - sync muddle clarification request

I’m getting into a muddle over what is synced.

I have database name 'Law" and two iMacs (A and B). A I use regularly, B occasionally. When I sync Law between A and B, all the tags and smart groups in A go to B. However, on B, I have some tags and smart groups that I only use when on B. What seems to be happening is that when I sync between B and A, the tags etc that I only use on B arrive on A as well.

The only thing I can think of to explain the difference is that the tags and smart groups that I have on B must be identical to those on A. Q1 - Is that right? Q2 - And if so then is clean the database on B and starting again the quickest way to remove the unwanted tags and smart groups?

Q3 - is there a way to sync only the files, not the tags and smart groups?

Syncing a database between two devices means having the database appear the same on each device. If you tag a record on one device, then that tag appears on the record on the other device after syncing.

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@pvonk is correct. Our engine is a mirroring sync, keeping the same information on each syncing device (part of the basic philosophy of a decentralized data model).

Thank you both.

For consistency, I shall need to manually delete all unwanted tags on B.

You’re welcome. However, note your removal of Tags on B will still affect A. You are understanding that, correct?