DT3 'Quicklook' not working for me in Workspace mode

The quicklook or ‘preview’ (cmd Y) function is not working for me on docs opened in a workspace (i.e. as tabs) … If I want to open them or Quicklook I have to find their original storage location which is a pain. I restarted … no change. This was working fine …
Any tips or insights are appreciated.

It is unclear what you’re describing here.
A screen capture would be helpful.

Okay, I hope the attached image helps clarify the issue …
I would like the ‘tabbed file’ (orange) to be revealed through Quick-look / Cmd-Y, but that cmd opens up an unrelated file.
Cmd-Y works fine in the other selection area (magenta).


QuickLook is going to show the currently selected file in the item list, not the document in the view/edit pane.

Also, why are you wanting to open a QuickLook view when the file is clearly shown in the view/edit pane already?

Okay, thanks Jim. It’s a convenience thing … Now, I might be mistaken about this issue, but it is curious that when I select a tabbed file in my workspace and hit Quick look / cmd Y then it reveals a different file!

If you have documents open in tabs, that does not reflect the selection in the item list.

Yes, I know that. But for files open in my workspace tab … I thought I could Quick look these and quickly scroll down, which is really helpful for longer files. Maybe I’m hallucinating that I did this recently!

Like I said, I don’t know why when I do select a tabbed file open in a workspace bar and click Quicklook / cmd Y, an unrelated file opens in QuickLook.

Because there’s another file selected in the item list.
Selecting a new tab does not change the selection in the item list. Therefore, you are QuickLooking a different file.

Here’s the (obvious) workaround: select a tabbed file and then Cmd-O / Open … Duh!!!
Live and learn.

Actually, I tested this further and it’s not the case that ‘Open’ opens tabbed-workspace files. Like Cmd-R / Data-> Reveal function, Cmd O / Open only reveals, and defaults to, a file that is also shown in a visible Indexed-Group, in the pane above the Workspace-tab listing.