DT3 - save/open sets of databases (think "workspaces" or so)


like all others I am impressed by DT3 already.
one thing I like up and above is the global search for open databases, and generally how open db-sets are treated intelligently (e.g. intelligent groups / tags being responsive to what dbs are open).

I wonder as working with multiple dbs in flexible/dynamic set-ups is now so easy:
would it be possible to allow saving “groups” of databases as kinds of “sets”/“workspaces” (or whatever you want to call it), so they can be opened together? this would incredibly simplify a modular use of DT via multiple/tailored databases, I think.


This is already the behavior of workspaces (and has been since DEVONthink 2). If you have three databases open and save a workspace, those database will open with the workspace is loaded.

However, loading a workspace will not close other databases. You would need to use File > Close Database > Close All before you loaded another workspace, if that’s what you wanted to happen.

thx @BLUEFROG - I was somehow misled by older entries pointing to (discontinued) scripts plus some “menu item blindness” as I was looking for “workspaces” in german menu…
… my fault.

thx for pointer here.

No worries and you’re welcome!