DT3 Server edition's stability and functionality

I have committed to DT3 Pro license at the time of DT3b1 release so never have a chance to test the Server version.

(1) It seems that there isn’t much discussion on bugs or usability, from the user perspective, re the Server version in this forum. I am planning to upgrade to server version for sharing certain database/s with my wife and kids through Safari on Mac and on iOS, but wonder if anyone can share their experience?

(2) I’m also a little confused about the role of iOS app and Server version for my “sharing-focused” case. If my main purpose is sharing the info to family members BUT I also need a global inbox in iOS for collecting misc bits, do I need both iOS and Server version? I ask the question because I expect to be charged for the new version of DT iOS when it is out. Knowing how logical DT thinks, it would be impossible not to expect a new iOS version soon after the final DT3 for Mac is out.

(3) Of course, I also wish that the server version can also be charged on per seat or limited seat basis, at a lower entry price than the current version’s pricing. or perhaps even a subscription model for server version license.

Thank you very much in advance.

You could e.g. install the trial again on another computer or account. Or you could remove the license temporarily (see DEVONthink 3 > License… > Remove).

Thanks of the info again! I definitely will try and highly likely to purchase the server version. DT is my main info-management for the last 12 months and I am loving it. No more file mgt in Finder!

Seats for the Server edition are actually available, the price of additional seats is identical to the price of a seat of the Pro edition.

Thanks. In that case, I will have no hesitation!
One more question, for test-run purpose, can I run DT3 server on the desktop while opening safari to use the web DT in the same account?

That’s possible of course.

It is certainly “stable”

Functionality is decent but not the same as the desktop version and is not planned to match its features

In general it is easier to read information in the server than to create or curate information

What sort of things do you want to share with your family on the Server?

Thanks for the info. I am just trying to share the typical home related info with wife, and news clippings and their school and medical-related info with kids as two separated databases. I find using DT as my central place for info management is more manageable than using Finder due to its search (the spotlight is fast but giving me too many other results) and most importantly the replicants. These days, I put files into a few main folders in macOS, index them, and do the more elaborate tagging and grouping in DT by replication.

I misunderstood your “good news” after checking with the sales…
We cannot buy just one “seat” of web access under an existing DT3 Pro license. I guess you are suggesting buying extra DT3 seats for family members. But I prefer web access more for the ability to limit the users’ read/write and access to some particular databases.

I wish to see some new license plan for users like us (one focal user and some family-user for web) at the time of DT3 official launch!

We cannot buy just one “seat” of web access under an existing DT3 Pro license.

That is correct.