DT3 Server - Linked Images Don't Appear in Markdown Documents

I find that I can easily make use of linked images in my markdown documents: I simply import the item into DT3, copy a link to said item, and then paste the link into the usual markdown syntax. It works great on macOS, and it works great on the iOS client (on both my iPhone and iPad), but it doesn’t work at all when viewing the same item via the DT3 server. Any web browser I connect won’t show me the image when I view that item.

Some investigation of the browser’s DOM explains why: the DT3 server is passing its own internal item links unchanged as the image source. For example, in my markdown document recording the problem, the HTML code to display an image that isn’t appearing is as follows:

<img src="x-devonthink-item://C0E369C8-B9B2-4E65-9E06-3F6D4AFDD3F9" alt="Weird Scrollbar Placement Bug">

That’s obviously not going to work. The server needs to do some kind of translation on the links to point back to itself, so that it can serve up the content appropriately. Could you please fix this problem?

The request is noted but note it does not mean it can be easily fixed.

Fair enough. But obviously you have a system in place already that maps internal DT3 links to HTML links, seeing as those work in the browser just fine. A simple translation from “x-devonthink-item://[internal-item-link]” to “http://mydevonthinkserverurl/item/[internal-item-link]” along with a simple code endpoint at that URL to serve up the items would suffice. I’m a developer myself and can probably whip you up a sample quick enough if you’d like. Cheers!